As most of my friends and family know, I have terrible issues with sleeping. Suffering from mild insomnia as a child, I can only assume my body is trying to make up for lost time. I rarely feel refreshed when I wake up, no matter how long I’ve slept, and I’m always, always tired. I’ve never been a morning person, and as I’m freelance it’s difficult to have a solid weekly routine.

I was advised to monitor my eating (reducing wheat, for example), exercise more regularly, reduce my exposure to LCD screens before I sleep, and to add more structure to my day. I started introducing these one by one, and some have been more successful than others (read: the most exercise I get on a regular basis is being late).

Moving from rented property to rented property, my chances of sleeping on a good mattress are inevitably slim. I was recently introduced to eve, and it has honestly changed not only the way I sleep, but the way I wake up too. My backache has gone, I wake up naturally earlier, and I’m actually excited to get into bed, rather than stay up until 3am for no reason whatsoever.

Challenging everything the current mattress industry represents, eve has evolved their business and branding around waking up, rather than going to sleep. It’s not usually something you think about when buying a mattress, but for someone like me falling asleep isn’t the issue. I could probably fall asleep standing up. It’s a refreshing way to brand a business, and I can honestly say I’ve been having the best sleep and easier wake up since sleeping on eve. If you are struggling with similar issues, or are looking for a mattress to replace your current one, I would highly recommend trying one. They’ve also given you 100 days to try it out.

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In collaboration with eve.

photography | Iringo Demeter

model | Donnika Anderson